If we are honest, history has a habit of throwing up some rather strange events that we often then wonder as to whether they are true. Well, even though one event from 1518 in Strasbourg sounds bizarre, it is also very well documented that it did indeed occur.

So, what is this strange event that we are talking about? Well, it’s a plague of dancing.

Back in 1518, it seems that people danced for a month in total, with some dancing non-stop for days on end. It is believed that around 400 people were involved, with it all beginning when a single woman started to dance manically in the street. Even though people were exhausted, they would continue dancing, with a number of them dying as a result of a whole host of different ailments.

Exactly why it happened is not known, but it is suspected that it could have been linked to a toxic chemical that would tend to develop on the type of wheat that was eaten in the area. However, that in itself is just a theory— compared to us knowing that this plague of dancing did indeed happen.