The Mayan civilization existed in the area that we now know as Mexico, and they were often regarded as being quite fierce when it came to battle. However, it does seem to be the case that they were willing to try a number of different tactics in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

In order to do so, it seems that the Maya would literally use anything that they had to hand as a weapon, but one of their favorite things was known as a hornet bomb. Now, you can probably make an educated guess as to what this weapon involves, but it does mean that they were using nature in a brand-new way.

Basically, they would take a hornet’s nest and throw it as a weapon knowing that the hornets inside would go crazy and start attacking the enemy. They would then be in a panic to such an extent that it would be easier for the Maya to go ahead and defeat them due to the distractions. It may have been basic, and it may not have been pretty, but it was certainly quite effective and something that worked.