If you’ve ever been to Minnesota, you probably noticed that the people are fairly nice but a little bit quirky. After all, besides being the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” it happens to be the home of Garrison Keillor and the setting for the surreal film Fargo. It is also a place where people like to fish on frozen lakes in the middle of the winter. What’s more, the residents elected a former professional wrestler to be their governor. So maybe it goes without saying that Minnesotans have their own unique cuisine.

Minnesotans enjoy eating walleye—baked, grilled, or fried, although grilled is best—along with a side of wild rice, and they wash it down with a Premium Grain Belt beer or some pop—it’s pop in Minnesota, not soda!

Another favorite dish in Minnesota is “hotdish,” but if you’ve never been to that state you might be wondering what it is.

Well, hotdish is simply any casserole, but in Minnesota they take the dish to a whole different level. Many different types of hotdishes reflect Minnesota’s Scandinavian and German ethnic background, although other types, such as Pizza Hotdish and Mexican Hotdish, demonstrate Minnesotans’ ability to accommodate more modern tastes. Hotdishes are quite easy to make; they are served as daily meals and as dishes for larger gatherings. The Minnesota U.S. congressional delegation has even held their own hotdish-making competitions!

The origins of the term definitely come from the farmlands of the state and probably are related to its Scandinavian background. One thing’s for sure, if you spend enough time in Minnesota, you should find a hotdish you like, you betcha!