We’ve all been in a situation where we are in a room and just want to leave. Usually it’s because of the crowd: we don’t feel comfortable around the other people in our company and just want to escape the area. It’s a common situation, but one that doesn’t happen often enough for it to seriously affect our lives.

But can you imagine what it would be like to feel as if part of your own body just didn’t belong and was out of place?

Yes, a very miniscule percentage of people around the world, mainly men, feel that certain limbs on their bodies simply don’t belong. Medical professionals have termed this affliction Body Integrity Dysphoria (BID) and there are only about three hundred known cases in history. BID creates major problems for those with the disorder.

Since BID has only been identified in recent years, much remains unknown about the disorder, including its origins and even possible methods of treatment. Interestingly, those afflicted with BID tend to fixate on the left side of their body, usually on their leg, although there are plenty of cases where the arm or hand represent the area of concern. There is a consensus in the mental health field that BID is a disorder, with some professionals believing it is sexual in nature.

Those afflicted with BID tend to let it control their lives. Oftentimes, they create contraptions that make them look as though they are an amputee, which can lead to social, personal, and economic problems.

Then there are the extreme cases.

There was the case of a mild-mannered man from the American Midwest named Jason who, from a young age, felt that his right hand just didn’t belong. John was afflicted by negative feelings for years, but he never told anyone.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands, or hand!

One night he went into his garage, turned on his table saw, and sawed off his hand in one quick cut.

Although Jason lived to tell his story, there are others who have not, including an American who died from infection after having a limb amputated by a shady doctor in Tijuana, Mexico. It is unknown how many people suffering from BID have had limbs removed, but it has been reported that those who have, such as Jason, have reported significant improvements in their symptoms afterwards.

Still, medical professionals advise strongly against amputation if you suffer from this rare disease.