Strange houses are pretty common these days. Take the Leaf House in Brazil, for example. It was made without hallways and the intent to look like a giant flower. The Everingham Rotating House in Taree, Australia, is shaped like an octagon and rotates 360°. Pretty impressive, huh?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a house called the Steel House in Lubbock, Texas. The architect behind the building treated it more like a piece of artwork or a sculpture, changing the design as he went along. The Sliding House in Suffolk, England, looks like your ordinary farmhouse from the outside, but there’s one major difference. In a matter of minutes, the outer shell can be completely removed to reveal a glass inner shell.

The Crooked House of Windsor is the oldest house of the bunch, dating back to 1592. As its name suggests, it is built on a slant. Not only that, but it also formerly had a secret passageway to Windsor Castle. In a world of tiny houses and manufactured homes, nothing should come as a surprise at this point.