The Olympic Games have been around for over a century, and during that time have included different sports that you would not even think were actually a sport. Some have only appeared once before then vanishing into oblivion, and one such example has to be the 1904 Olympics that were based in St. Louis.

Now, the games were not on the same scale as they are now, with fewer countries and substantially fewer competitors, but it is the actual events that we are more concerned about. At these games, you were able to represent your country in 3 events that just defy belief.

First, there was the pole climbing event. Yes, pole climbing. Next, there was rock throwing—and imagine trying to win a gold medal by throwing a rock. Finally, there was mud fighting, which has to win an award for the most bizarre event ever. Also, they would aim them at what were classed as ‘tribal’ people, and it’s no surprise that the Olympic Games in 1904 ended up being a complete and utter disaster.