We all know that milk has a number of positive and healthy properties associated with it, but did you know that it has been responsible for saving buildings?

OK, so this is technically true, but it was only because of milk being a liquid that it was able to save the buildings. It all happened when a milkman by the name, Steve Leech was doing his rounds when he spotted that a shop was on fire. Determined to get the fire to stop, he then proceeded to pour 320 pints over the fire to then put it out. Not only did it work, but it also meant that a total of 7 other shops were saved as there is no doubting that the fire would have been able to spread if it was not for his actions.

As a result of his actions, he was awarded the award for the milkman of the year which is seen as being the highest accolade that you could ever hope to receive in the industry, so it was certainly worth his while.