When you are having something translated into another language, there is always going to be the risk that things might not work out to be as accurate as you had initially hoped. At times, it may also prove to be the complete opposite which will only lead to problems.

A Swiss couple is the prime example of this simply because of a video that they put on YouTube. They had gone to the Maldives after getting married, and they thought that it would be a nice thing to do if they were able to renew their wedding vows and have it done in the native language of the islands. For this, they paid just over $1000 and had someone film the ceremony so they could check it out later and show their friends and family.

However, after putting the video on YouTube they discovered that what they thought were their vows actually translated into something completely different. Not only that but the person that was doing the translating was actually being rather nasty and horrible about them. It turns out that they were referring to the couple as infidels and referred to their children as ‘bastard swine’ along with a whole host of other insults.

The moral of this story is certainly to pay attention and only use a translator that you feel you can trust or you could run into all kinds of difficulties.