Pirates of the Caribbean has become an iconic film franchise since the first film came out in 2003. Filming and producing these movies has brought about some interesting stories. For the second and third films in the series, the crew was so large that snacks alone cost nearly $2 million. They had a chef on set with cast and crew, always ready to serve up snacks and meals. At some points, they used actual boats to transport trailers and crew members to and from St. Vincent, where the movies were being filmed. This required a whopping 55 boats.

Over the course of filming the first three movies, an estimated 240 cell phones ended up in the water at some point. The cast and crew recognize how different the filming experience became from the first film through the most recent film. At the beginning, they used to have to fly in meals. The actors had to go to an actual Pirates School to learn how to use swords and work with cannons. So much for pirates telling no tales.