Do you believe that you could wear a t-shirt in Antarctica? It sounds as if it would be completely impossible, but it seems that this is not the case. OK, so we are not talking about you walking around outside in the ice and snow as that would be insane, but then we are also not talking about wearing a t-shirt in the warm research outposts that are scattered across Antarctica.

So, where can you wear a t-shirt?

The answer is that scientists have discovered a series of caves beneath the ice that have ultimately led to an entire cave network to be explored. It is said that as it is so far beneath the ice that it is free from the cold temperatures that plague the upper surface hence the comment about being able to wear a t-shirt. They also hope that the network is going to lead to the discovery of new animal species and a completely different ecosystem, although they have still to do the work to check if that is OK.

However, to answer the question, yes you can wear a t-shirt in Antarctica but you have to be careful as to where, or how you wear it.