Kids, and this includes grown-up kids, just seem to love the idea of building a snowman, but we are often limited as to the size that we can produce simply because of the amount of snow available and also how tall we are. But then, what would happen if there were fewer limitations and you had the opportunity to build a huge snowman? How big would you need to go in order to beat the record for the largest one ever?

Well, you are going to require a serious amount of snow, and that is because the largest snowman ever created was in Bethel, Maine, and it was built in February 1999. The size? 113 feet and 7 inches. Just think about that for a second, as that is one seriously big snowman, but then it also makes you wonder as to how big the carrot would have to be for his nose or how long the scarf would have to be to then wrap around him.

Now when it snows for you, go and see how close to the record you can get, but then you are going to require a lot of snow and a whole lot of help.