When you look at eyeshadow, you will see that there is often a glimmer to it, and yet you may not even be aware of the way in which this effect is achieved. Well, there are several methods that are used in the cosmetics industry that result in the same outcome, but there is one method that is seen as being the most popular. The only problem is that it does make you wonder about what you are putting on your skin when you discover what the key ingredient actually is.

You see, there is a tendency for them to use something called guanine to add the shimmer and glimmer to not only eyeshadow but also lipsticks. Now, at first you might think that the mention of this guanine is not that bad. It certainly sounds as if it would not cause you any problems, but then you probably have no idea what guanine is since you will have never heard of it before.

Well, it is actually fish scales, and if you have just put on some lipstick that has a touch of glimmer about it, then it is perfectly understandable if you feel like washing it off immediately. However, it is not going to do you any harm whatsoever, as they have hardly scraped it off the fish and just thrown it into the mixture. The only other problem is that it will make you wonder as to what else they include in makeup that you are not aware of.