One high school teacher in Tennessee made headlines in 2016 for an unusual reason: they decided to show Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) to their class of high school students. The film is centered on a man who kidnaps people and sews them together—from mouth to anus—and wasn’t even allowed in theaters in the United Kingdom due to how gruesome it was. It took 32 cuts from the movie for the British Board of Film Classification to allow it to be shown in theaters.

The seemingly naïve director of the film franchise, Tom Six, went on Twitter to share his support of the teacher, saying that it should be a mandatory film for students to see, due its supposed focus on bullying. Parents, on the other hand, were outraged, having not been notified of the film showing ahead of time, and the teacher was ultimately suspended. The teacher’s reason for showing the movie? To this day, no one truly knows.