There is this idea that we are stronger, taller, and faster now than we have ever been before. It seems that this might not be the case if fossil footprints found in Australia are anything to go by.

These footprints have been examined by various experts, and what they show is something that is rather fascinating. They were left in the ground over 20,000 years ago. After close examination it was decided that they represented a modern human who was running at approximately the same speed as an Olympic sprinter. Not only that, but it was also being done on sand which makes it even more impressive than before.

Of course, this is just using different theories and measurements, so whether or not it is true or accurate is something that we will never know. However, the very idea that a human living all of those years ago that was faster than the majority of us today is rather intriguing. It makes you wonder what else we are missing out on.