Looking for a good time? Amongst the thousands of festivals that take place across the country each year, one will leave you with memories unlike any other. Head out west to the Montana Testicle Festival, an annual event that’s been taking place since 1982. Their slogan, “having a ball,” is undeniably funny, and they warn that a weekend at the festival will involve “lots of balls.” The festival takes place in Clinton, Montana, over the course of five days. A normal day at the festival includes a women’s oil wrestling contest, a “big ball” competition, which is said to be the male equivalent of a wet T-shirt contest, and nudists walking around with rings around their penis.

The main event of the Testicle Festival is the bull ball eating competition. Typical food served there? It may look like your average fair food, but it’s really fried cow testicles. On average, the attendees eat 600 to 700 pounds of balls each year. Instead of the Indy 500, you can check out the Undie 500, which finds men and women riding tricycles in their underwear. At the very least, there is a philanthropic side to the festival. In 2015, they donated $5,000 to a charity that benefits those battling testicular cancer.