Crop circles are strange. However, at one point there was the belief that crop circles had been discovered in the sea which would have just taken the strangeness up to an entirely new level.

These circles were found on the ocean floor, and they remained a mystery for 6 years until science was able to come up with an explanation, and it was not aliens. Instead, these 7-foot circular patterns were created by the male puffer fish. What is amazing is that these puffer fish are only five inches long, so that is quite a substantial feat when you consider the sheer size of the fish that is making them.

It turns out that these circles are to attract the opposite sex and they spend a considerable amount of time not only constructing them but also then maintaining them until they do the job that they are intended for. Not only do they attract the opposite sex, but they are also then used as a nesting source for the female to lay her eggs. Somehow, this all sounds even more amazing than if they were created by aliens.