The alarm clock is the bane of our life as it wakes us up from a peaceful slumber and reminds us that the day is starting and we better get out of bed. However, the modern-day alarm clock is certainly far more flexible in what it can do when compared to the earliest version that was invented.

Instead, this version designed in 1787 in New Hampshire in the United States was certainly very different and rather restrictive in what it was able to do. The alarm clock in question was invented by a man called Levi Hutchins and it turns out that his mechanical clock was only able to ring its alarm at 4am, and nothing else.

The reason for this was because he was still getting to grips with the entire mechanism and 4am was the time that he had to get up at in order to do his work. Thankfully we have since been able to resolve this issue or else there would really be no point whatsoever in owning an alarm clock if it could only work at this time.