This is quite a sad and horrifying fact surrounding food, but at the same time it is probably something that you are already familiar with, at least to a certain extent.

We all know that a huge amount of food is wasted in certain parts of the world, but are you aware of just how much? Well, even though there are no exact figures available, the Economic Research Service has at least made an attempt to come up with something that is pretty shocking.

According to their own research, Western nations are guilty of throwing around 27% of all food production in the trash. In other words, more than a quarter of what we buy is just never eaten and thrown away. Now, forget about the amount of money that we are wasting as a direct result and instead just think about the piles of food that this is then going to equate to.

But then it gets worse.

While the west is throwing away all of that food, there is believed to be a total of 1.2 billion people that are underfed in the world. By a rather ironic twist of fate, that is pretty much equal to the number of people that are also overweight in the world. So, there is the solution to world hunger, stop wasting food and send it to those individuals that need it rather than those that have too much of it.