Having a greenhouse to help you to cultivate new plants is not actually a relatively new invention. Instead, the origins of this particular structure go further back into history than most people are even aware.

If you had to guess, how old would you say the idea of the greenhouse was? You probably just go back a few centuries, but you would be nowhere near the correct answer.

Instead, you are looking at the greenhouse dating back to roughly 30AD, and it was all thanks to Emperor Tiberius. It seems that he came up with the idea of having to eat an African cucumber every single day, but the climate would not allow that to happen naturally, so his staff had to come up with a way to make sure that the plants could grow throughout the year to prevent the Emperor from becoming irate. Ultimately, it led to something that could easily be identified as the first greenhouse.

In addition, the first greenhouse that was built in the United States appeared in 1737 with it being designed and built by Andrew Faneuil in Boston.