The Netherlands are crazy about tulips, but have you ever sat and wondered as to why they are so mad for this particular kind of flower to such an extent that it dominates fields throughout the country? Well, back in 1637, they were still quite popular as a flower, but there was then an incident whereby a virus attacked some of the tulips, which ultimately led to those attacked to change color.

The problem was that people actually believed that a brand-new plant had been discovered, and they then went crazy in trying to obtain this new plant. At the same time, the price for a single tulip bulb increased dramatically because of the rush to own it, so people tried to take advantage of the madness that had surrounded them.

Ultimately, it led to people exchanging things such as 12 sheep for a bulb or a vast amount of grain just to be the owner of this new flower that had apparently hit the market. Imagine how upset they would have been when they discovered that it was just a virus that had changed a flower that they already had, but then the Dutch and their fascination with the tulip persists to this day.