The pigeon is seen by many as being nothing more than an absolute pest and flying vermin. However, they are certainly far more intelligent than we are perhaps willing to give them credit for.

We all know that certain pigeons have the ability to find their way back home and to even beat others in a race, but it seems that their intelligence goes far beyond even that. Instead, trained pigeons have a strange sense of art, as has been shown in a variety of studies. What it has shown is that a pigeon that has been trained can actually identify the differences between paintings by Monet and Picasso. Why it has been decided that those two artists would be the favorite for pigeons is unknown, as is the ones that they seem to prefer, but they are certainly more than capable of distinguishing between the two.

Now, if you ever see a pigeon the next time that you are in an art gallery, just think that they may very well be in there doing some research and indulging in their love for art.