When it comes to different conditions that us humans can suffer from, this one has to go down as being one of the strangest on record. You see, there is a medical condition known as Boanthropy and if you were just going by the name alone, then you might believe that it does not sound as if it would be too bad.

However, it is certainly a lot different than you are perhaps going to expect.

This is a psychological disorder, and individuals that suffer from it believe that they are indeed a cow. Not only that, but they want to then live their life as if they were a cow and you can only imagine how difficult that would prove to be for them. They literally do feel the need to act as if they were a cow and it is difficult to stop them. However, they can break through this disorder and come out of the other side, but it is a prime example of the way in which the human mind can play so many tricks on us.