When it comes to classic arcade games, you have to admit that Donkey Kong is right up there with those that are still held in such high regard even decades after they were created. However, have you ever thought about why it is called Donkey Kong when it has an ape as the main character? You have to admit that it does sound rather strange to say the least.

Well, it turns out that it is all thanks to a misunderstanding or, to be more accurate, a mistranslation. According to those in the know, the creator of the game, who was not American or even speaking English as his first language, thought that the word ‘donkey’ actually meant ‘stupid.’ He had this idea of the main character being referred to as being a stupid ape.

First, you must be sitting there wondering why he wanted the ape to be seen as being stupid to begin with, but to then go ahead and make that mistake and for nobody to correct him is just absolute madness. However, could you now ever imagine the game being called anything else?