Relations between the United States and Russia have been a bit up and down since the end of the Cold War. However, if you throw your mind back to 1995 and a meeting between Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton, you can get an idea of how different things can be.

According to reports, there was one very important question on the mind of Yeltsin when he met Clinton for the first time. Was it about something that the US had done to upset the Russians? Was it about some other country? A diplomatic issue that could endanger the world once again and plunge us all back into the Cold War?


Apparently, his first question was whether O.J. Simpson was guilty of killing his wife. Yep, the biggest media circus and murder mystery of perhaps all-time was the one thing that the Russian President wanted to know about the most.

We aren’t sure as to what the answer was, as Clinton has never seemed to divulge that, probably for political reasons, but it does show how even leaders of countries are actually still normal people.