The quest to find the perfect mosquito repellent has been going on for decades with scientists testing out a wide range of products and chemical combinations to see which one they believe is able to work best. However, it seems that they stumbled across a better option and it was one that they could never have guessed at.

During a test in 2015, the scientists used a perfume from Victoria’s Secret as the standard, and in doing so they discovered that it was pretty good at stopping the mosquito in its tracks. It seems that, as they worked on scent, that the perfume was getting in the way. It was performing better than some of the specialist products that they were actually wanting to check out.

So, even though they say that DEET is good at stopping them, if you have some of this perfume, then you are onto a winner and have nothing to lose at covering yourself in it to stop being bitten to death by a mosquito.