Abraham Lincoln has to be one of the most famous Presidents of the United States, but it seems that he had a way with more than just running a country. Back in 1842, he was faced with a challenge by James Shields who was a very serious and real political rival. The challenge would be settled by a duel and Lincoln did go ahead and agree to it.

However, Lincoln was a tall man, and the duel never took place simply because he settled on them using broadswords as the weapon of choice. Upon arriving at the scene of the duel, he then used his broadsword to chop down a tree at a height that showed his prowess in order to make Shields think again about what he was suggesting. Ultimately, Shields did not like what he saw and he swiftly said sorry for upsetting Lincoln and decided that perhaps the duel was not the best course of action at this time.

So, he clearly did not have just a way with words but was also rather good with a sword.